I played myself: Cleansing Water

Gross and arguably infuriating fun fact: When I was in my teens I almost never washed my face properly, and yet I never had a bad acne breakout. At worst, I would get a single painful bump at a time, and my face is sort-of combination: instead of an oily T-zone, I just have an oily noise. A super oily nose that makes my oil absorbing papers clear like a bag once full of greasy hot fries, but I digress. A month or two I started having a breakout for the first time in my life, dark spots and all, and being spoiled by my good facial fortune all this time, I’m so upset! /spoiled

It seems my usual face wash isn’t cutting it anymore, so based on a mention in passing from a friend, I decided to try Innisfree. They’re gaining a lot of popularity and they’re inexpensive in comparison to some of these other brands so I figure why not. My second time in their shop (which is like an oasis on the north of Union Square) I was looking into two-step cleanse with salicylic acid to take care of these pesky bumps.

I told one of the kindly associates about my hunt for a two-step to take care of my bumps and she told me she was worried that the salicylic acid set might dry out my skin with daily use since my problem isn’t that bad. I don’t wear makeup, so she recommended this guy for step 1:

Innisfree Cleansing Water

I told her I’d think on it. I was definitely scoffing in my head though.


Cleansing water???

I thought I had cleansing water in my house… what was the brand name… H20? It even comes in different temperatures…


So what we got here… water salt and chemical? lolol

I was really going off in my head about the prospect of CLEANSING WATER. People really buy it? They only keep a few of each item on the shelf (which is a beautiful display, mind you, their whole store is laid like paradise) so I couldn’t really gauge if any of it sold or not.

I spoke to some other associates for their opinions, and in the end I walked out with a squeeze tube of salicylic acid mask, a new foam cleanser, and… that damn cleansing water.

The super nice guy ringing me up told me that he loves the water because it’s also a makeup remover as well, but I was too busy thinking “I really bought chemical salt water” for 2 and 2 to really click in my head.

Late that night. After finishing up Mob Psycho 100 I decided it’s time to clean my face before I reach the “too tired to do anything” point. So I grab the cotton pads, pump pump, wipe wipe wipe…


That cotton pad came off so filthy you would think I didn’t wash my face every day
That cotton pad came off so filthy you would think I sleep on an unmopped floor instead of a clean pillowcase
That cotton pad came off so filthy I had to get a separate pad for the other side of my face, the first one looked too full of gunk on BOTH SIDES

NEVER AGAIN WILL I DOUBT THE CLEANSING WATER. But you skincare-savvy kids are rolling your eyes at me, so wait for it…

Completing the murder

So I tend to shoot the shit with my younger sister about various outrageous shit we see.

“Damn… you ever heard of cleansing water?”

“…You mean like Micellar?”

“Micellar… isn’t that those face wipes…?”

So all this time I’ve only seen Micellar in WIPE FORM and didn’t know it comes bottled and is technically, yes, cleansing water. Alright, now we can hyuk it up.

But how is it?

I’m far too green to give product reviews but I will say:

  • Face is much cleaner just after two days of using it
  • Smells gentle and nice
  • and makes my skin feel soft too
  • other products seem to be working better since using it (it’s only been a week though, so no long term results to report yet)

Will buy salt chemical water again for sure.

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