Reprise: AnimeFest: The Last Disrespect

We tried to warn y’all.

Let’s keep this brief since this subject is not worth that much time or effort lol.

1. “No, AFNYCC will have it’s own unique content.” NYCC definitely split and shuffled some of it’s anime content over to the ass end of the pier, so if you wanted the full effect you had to pay an “anime tax” in the form of an extra badge. With there being no weekend passes, the content spread would end up costing $100+ after taxes/fees if you needed to go all 4 days – that used to be the cost of 4 days at NYCC, which used to be worth that price. And seeing as multiple people were able to cover the entire circuit in an hour, talk about the worst value ever. EVEN ANIME EXPO IS CHEAPER FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND.

2. I’ve compiled a Twitter moment with people’s commentaries on AFNYCC: boom.

I didn’t get everything but you should definitely get the gist of it. Good Smile ended up bringing some of their stock back over to NYCC on the last say so wow, even industry booths were screwed by this. Really, no one cares about Saturday tickets being sold out after multiple people have complained the place is completely barren. Actually, I didn’t care about that announcement because cons generally don’t have ticket transparency – no one knows how many tickets are available so it’s easy to say sold out, more available again, etc. And I stopped trusting NYCC’s ticket numbers after they started the single-day-only badge mess.

3. The emails sent by AF during the weekend…

really reminded me of:

Like, don’t ever uwu at me ever… ever…
But really, all their emails and tweets sounded like someone so out of touch.

4. I found a few tweets heavily singing the praises of AFNYCC. I believe them to be fake as shit. You be the judge. I’m not going to say why I think they’re fake because these goobers will just try to take notes for next time. You know, the next time no one wants.

There are a few others who simply said they enjoyed it. I won’t refute too much because
– they may not have experienced a proper con
– they may have been with friends who created an experience for them

5. Bonus: One of the AF guests was Bilibili, a Chinese streaming company. AF tweeted about them and called them Japanese, which a friend pointed out and I managed to capture as the tweet was deleted:

Asians are not interchangeable, fam.

And to be totally honest, at one point I thought I was being really extra and cruel by railing on them this whole time. But then I remembered – no. This is an act of pure greed and an attempt to undermine AnimeNYC, and I have every right to speak up on it. I’ve been saying for years now that NYCC doesn’t respect its anime fans and if you can’t see that by now, I don’t know what else to tell you. See you smart kids at AnimeNYC in November!

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