I Wanted to Try it Once: I tried running a WordPress Blog

A few things.

One, I love Hard Gay. Maybe you have no idea who that is, maybe I just jogged your memory, but the point is… that guy is hilarious and a treasure.


If you remember his Bakuten segments, each one started with the phrase “Ichidou wa Yatte Mita Katta” – “I wanted to try it once.” And then he’d explain his current bit, whether it was offering help to the good people of Japan or just finding innovative new ways to impose his Gay image upon the world. In any case – “I wanted to try it once” is the theme here. Inspiration comes from all over, doesn’t it?

Two, as for “theyasminshow” I promise that actually isn’t some egotism, I didn’t make that name up. That’s a fragment remain from junior high school, created by the group I sat with in social studies class. We were jokes upon jokes about random made-up characters, and one day the joke was sort-of on me. “The Yasmin Show” was a show with the theme “Yasmin is every character.” And they proceeded to slap my name on every name in the news and make a gag of it somehow.

I’m still kinda scratching my head about it, but whatever. Beats the hell out of being bullied.

Please, enjoy the show.

P.S. I own that KurohiGAY Kiki Ippatsu.

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