I wanted to try it once: I celebrated a character birthday

Is it blasphemy for calling it a character birthday if you call that character bae/husband? Well, it is what it is.

In the spirit of Gemini-based egoism I know the birthdays of a number of characters near my own birthday, the top favorites being the Matsuno brothers (5/24) and Izumi Konata (5/28). While I love them to death, I never did a thing about it.

But for God Seven… how could I not?

The following inevitably contains spoilers.

The liner notes:

– Originally I was going to make a cake and started looking up honey butter cake recipes, but with all the back-to-back birthdays in the family (my brother and I are a week apart) and all the desserts on/in-between/after, I decided for my own health a big cake is a bad idea when there’s already two on deck…

– 707 was pretty easy to formulate: Dr. Pepper and honey butter chips are vital, so I decided either a soda milkshake or float would work. I went with float since a milkshake would taste fine but look muddy because of the soda color, lol.
Whipped cream makes up the top layer, crushed HB chips and mini bungeoppang (aka “fish-shaped bread”) to top.

– Unknown was a little harder since ideally I wanted to design for Saeran, but what else is known except he likes candy, ice cream, looking at clouds, and he lead a miserable life? So in order to create some theme I had to lean on the Unknown end of things. I wanted broken glass candy to make a layer between the ice cream and cotton candy, but I couldn’t find any and didn’t have the time/will to make it myself. The closest I could find is a pack of rock candy pops. Mint ice cream base, with glass candy + strawberry licorice wire for bursting through Rika’s apartment window, and a cherry bomb to top.
“Make-Believe World” as in “I’ll destroy your pathetic make-believe world” from the RFA VIP guide.

Why cotton candy? Because in his ideal world, he’d stare at clouds all day. :)
I never imagined ice cream and cotton candy together but apparently it is already a thing…

– Because I was working with so many cold ingredients I tried to assemble everything quickly before they melted. Once both sundaes were set I went to snap the picture… forgot the memory card. In the time it took me to run and grab it, 707’s float started to melt and spill over, so I had to add another layer of whipped cream.

– I had my two younger siblings help me finish everything off to avoid a sugar rush/stomachache lol. The float is actually really good, even with the HB chips in it! They polished off the other sundae.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to hugging my mountain of 707 pillows and enoying this fanart flood. Happy birthday, twins!

I wanted to try it once: I made a chocolate house

Once upon a time, in a computer chair not far from here, I found this video.

I thought, how awesome, I want to make one of these!

But, this came at a time when I was less savvy about finding such items.

Years passed, and this Bourbon Chocolate House kit became available on Candysan for the holidays, but sold out fast. Filled with new determine, I found the kit on Rakuten, and the rest was history…

Sort of. I was happy that I found the kit and tucked it away in my closet, and proceeded to forget about it for some months. Then I assembled it, and took a few more months to finally sit and make note of it.

I’m gonna blame WordPress for this. Just because.

Building the house

The most important thing to remember here is that when it comes to confections and decorating, I am nowhere near as neat as Ochikeron.

The kit

The contents

Chocolate, cookies, a plastic petit bear bonus,


A molding tray and base to build on.

The first step is easiest: melt all the chocolate.

Melt ALL the chocolate!

Again, I can’t work neatly with confections…



Well, after rapping it against the counter to surface/remove the air bubbles, it did look markedly improved.


After throwing that in the fridge to solidify, I started work on the roof, which was the easiest part next to melting the chocolate – just gluing wafers together with chocolate.


Then I removed the chocolate from the fridge…


…yes, I broke EVERY bear ear while removing the chocolate from the molding tray. But, it was a small casualty compared to possibly breaking the walls of the house. I could have glued them together with tiny dabs of chocolate, but the crack would still be visible so I passed.

Construction begins.




I screwed up on applying the wafer sticks to the front edge of the roof, so I left that out. What was left is applying the cookies to the roof… but there weren’t enough cookies to cover both sides, so please don’t mind the lack of 360 shots from here on in.





As a final touch/size comparison…




So, how was it?

Seeing as this is a well-constructed box of sugar I didn’t eat the entire thing, just a taste here and there. It’s pretty good. I left the bulk of it though…

…like I said, I forgot it for months. It was past the date printed on the box.

My siblings decided to eat the remainder without asking. Joke’s on them? Well, it’s honestly nothing you can get sick over. The end!

I want one of my own!

During the winter holidays you can find it on Candysan.
Otherwise, check for “ブルボン プチクマのお菓子のおうち” on Rakuten or the like. Good luck!