Got Me Fucked Up, vol. 1

Back in August, I had to take my mom to the ER because she was having symptoms of a heart attack.

She’s fine, but at the time I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrow at a few things. For one, she told the doctor she’s usually quite healthy. She is… in spite of various problems. Naturally it got me considering my own well-being; I’m healthy but there’s room for improvement, and I’ve had the habit of bulldozing through things physically and mentally, until I hit a point where I can’t any more. Even as a kid I would wonder why my arm or leg hurt and hours later I’d finally look and see I had a huge bloody gash from scraping against something.
The other thing was my siblings. My older sister was pissed at our choice of hospital (the closest to us, which is also where Grandma died). My younger sister was pissed because she also wasn’t feeling well, according to my mother. My brother was comfortably MIA. I legit started wondering if the secret to a peaceful mind is being as stupid as them.

A week later was Grandpa’s birthday. He’s headed toward 100 with all his marbles in tow. I asked him the secret to getting so old. Without missing a beat, he said “You have to manage your stress. Stress is a killer.”

He can be pretty long winded so he went on about this, saying that there’s no point dwelling what you can’t change, and for the things you can, just do it and keep moving. However, he also mentioned not having anything to do for decades because he retired right on time at 65.

From this I came to 3 potential outcomes:
1. This whole stress-filled generation is going to die early.
2. Being one who bulldozes through the small stuff, I’ll magically live forever, unless the small stuff builds/catches up and does me in.
3. Regardless of 1 or 2, I have to live for a few more decades because Sujin Ri is going to be making games until she is 70.

I’m still not sure what the correct answer is, but I think instead of bottling up the things that bother me from the day to day, I should just drop them off somewhere. I considered a separate blog, a private social media account, this and that… but I can’t put all this extra energy into stupid shit that bothers me. So here it is, annoyances with no clear-cut conclusion for better or worse. An old TV yelling at clouds. “Enjoy.”

This Discriminatory Language Director at Korea Society Got Me Fucked Up

I like K-pop, Korean food, K-dramas, and the otome games of a certain Korean game company. Through these various channels I’ve been building up a fair amount of Korean vocabulary it made me think perhaps it’s time for some formal education. I’ve spent years saying if I could start my life over I’d dedicate myself to learning foreign languages, but there’s no accessible reset button to do all that. What I did find though,  is a language class with a date/time bracket that fits in my schedule, at the Korea Society. Let’s get it!

Problem is, I got sick the same week classes started. I wanted bedrest, but I didn’t wanna miss the first week of class either. So I put on a cozy shirt and forced myself to school. I walk in and walk up to the welcome desk and there’s a guy sitting there. He gives me my textbook and a handwritten placecard with my name on it. Next to him is an older woman with short black hair with a bright red streak in front. I asked her, “Is there a bathroom somewhere I can use?”

“Well of course there is, we have to use it too!” And she tells me where to find it.


On the one hand, I thought while walking to the restroom, I tend to have similarly sarcastic answers when people ask me dumb shit. On the other hand I’m like, was it necessary? I gauge where I apply said sarcasm. Or was I reading too hard into it? Nah.. that was definitely smarmy. So I finish up in the restroom and have a seat in the main area since I was almost 20 minutes early for class. There’s one other person waiting. The smarmy woman sits next to me.

“Hi, I’m the person who emailed you.”

“Jahee, right?”


We exchange greetings and then the shit slowly starts.

“What made you decide to learn Korean?”

I honestly don’t have a single direct reason and I didn’t feel like going into the aforementioned list because of a mix of ‘I’m Sick and Don’t Feel Like Talking More than I Have To’ and ‘Do I Need a Reason?’ So I said I wanted to get back into learning foreign languages.

“Korean is a phonetic language, you know?”


“You have to learn the material, you know?… we can’t learn it for you.”

I was like… “Yeah.”

I was sitting there like

But in my head I was like


Bitch, what the fuck does that actually mean??? Of course you can’t learn shit for me… that’s why I came to learn? Hello?

I can never wrap my head around people who want to treat me like yesterday’s idiot and try to achieve that by saying the most idiotic shit… and why?

No but really, that shit makes NO ACTUAL SENSE???

Casual reminder that of course I must want to learn because unlike high school… I PAID TO BE THERE.

Speaking of high school… I studied Japanese and Italian. Japanese got cut off after a year because budget cuts clashed with not enough students, but my scores were perfect so they allowed me to join the Accelerated Italian class which lets a 3-year course get done in 2. And I aced that too. So yes, I understand phonetic languages and how to learn foreign alphabets as well as how Romance languages work.

If that exchange wasn’t bad enough… other students came in and she did NOT question them on why they were there or tell them anything of the sort. Which leads me to believe she thinks I’m a fool because either
A) I look young so I must be on some delinquent shit
B)  she’s straight up racist
or both. Real talk, I can say that with ease because it’s nothing new to me.

As for the class itself, only two notable things happened on the first day

1) The reception desk guy came in to take photos of us. Normally I wouldn’t think anything of it but because of Jahee I couldn’t help but wonder if he was recording the class with a Token Black in it.
2) I happened to glance at the teacher while he was going over a worksheet and we met eyes, so he tried to shuffle the question order around before calling on me but he fumbled royally. He didn’t try any stunts in the second class though so hopefully he’s chill.

Thinking about the long run, not sure if I will enroll in the second course.
+ I still want to continue learning Korean.
+ I’d like to do it in an interactive environment.
– Don’t feel like giving that dumb bitch my money though, rather give her these hands.
– (so far) we don’t practice much interaction, we’ve been working straight from the textbook and CD.
– Class keeps starting late but this week it ended a few minutes early because the teacher finished going over the textbook unit and called it a night. Not really super impressed.

Hal the Horrible Got Me Fucked Up

I used to work with this dude, let’s call him Hal. Hal is fucking nuts. To make a long story short, we figured out that he keeps his money out of his bank account so he can stay in the homeless shelter. When is he gonna move? When he finds a sugar momma to take him in. When is that gonna happen? Close to never, he’s a talkative pest who looks like a cross between Doc from BTTF and Sideshow Bob, and the only piece of clout he has to hold on to is that he went to an Ivy League school (not that he’s doing anything with that education besides flaunting it, but I digress for now).

Anyway, Hal got fired for, among other things, making remarks that the workplace is racist. Not even sure how he got to that point since – as far as I know – no one discriminated him and, to be frank, he’s lightskin as hell anyway, all he would really need to do is chill and he’d have a free pass anywhere. But anyway…

I’m spending my afternoon doing laundry before work. It was humid as shit so after I put my stuff in the dryer, I gave an old lady the seat I was sitting in and went to sit on the single seat outside. I was slouching hard as hell, catching a lil breeze, playing MysMe. Someone walked up and stood right in front of me. I didn’t look up. They kept standing there. Say something, you fuck. I hate that shit. This went on for at least a minute because I was still playing MysMe lol. I finally looked up.

Of course it’s fucking Hal. I knew he lived in the neighborhood now. How? My boss who lives nearby saw him. Then I saw him a few weeks prior, going for a run in this 100 degree heat. And by run, I mean running along the edge of the sidewalk, smacking into every pole and hydrant in his way. Not like parkour with cool moves… just smacking into every shit and pushing against it.

“It’s so fortunate that I ran into you!”

No the fuck it isn’t! Fuck my life!

This dude… met a cashier at the supermarket. Told her about the job and that she should apply. So he told her he’d try to get someone to introduce her. And then he ran into my unlucky ass minutes later. Introduce her to the manager, help her get a job, she has a kid back in wherever-wherever.


First, you hated the job and got fired so why are you trying to get her hired there?
Second, why am I telling my boss to hire someone I never met? What if she sucks? Is that not on me?
When I add 1+2 it sounds like he found a cute lady cashier and decided to be her hero so he could slide up afterwards. I can’t be a wingman to this kind of bullshit…

“Why don’t you tell her to… come in and apply?”

He was hellbent on having me put in a good word for her so he gave me his email address to coordinate something. He couldn’t text me because I don’t have iPhone… which tells me with ease that he has no phone service and is using wifi-only to text people with iDevices. I respect the struggle with making ends meet, but not from someone who willingly stayed in a homeless shelter. Nah fam. I never emailed  him. He showed up at my job anyway about a week later. I hope he didn’t notice me because I sure as hell tried to hide when I saw him. I dunno why he was there but he might as well do his own vouching because I ain’t doin’ it. I gotta hide when I walk around the neighborhood though. Shit.

NYCC Got Me Fucked Up

They put a bunch of Sunday badges up for sale that they picked up from scalpers. If that’s true… sounds like proof that fan verification doesn’t work. But can I even speak against them? AnimeFest @ NYCC’s Twitter account blocked me after that one blog entry about them lmao

This One Friend Got Us Both Fucked Up

Speaking of NYCC. I’m still on the fence on this one.

Some years ago there was an MFC member who had a contest to win some NYCC pro badges. I already had my badge so I sat out but damn, pro badge, best thing outside of staff/exhibitor/press badges. She also posted about the film festival that goes down every July at Japan Society, so we met up there and became friends. After that she hooked me up with her pro badge every year, and the only thing she asked in return is to help her post sale ads on MFC – easy peasy. She also told me that one of the people who won her contest badges kept in close touch with her but the moment she said she couldn’t get her another pro badge, she got dropped. Fucked up…

So from time to time we meet up albeit rare, usually at the film festival, sometimes around the time of the con. She didn’t get any pro badges this year but to be fair I expected as such, as she lost her mom the year-end prior and I couldn’t imagine her thinking about shit like NYCC tickets with major life events going on. But, I was falling out of love with NYCC anyway.

Forward to this year, she confirmed she didn’t get any badges, but she lost her job and I think some pets along with her mom. I felt so bad and so worried for her. She has such a big heart and is so generous in general that I’m usually worried about her, more than I can actually express, but this seemed like much. And what could I do? She promised me some tea she got from one of her trips and I promised to make her some kkakdugi (radish kimchi) since she likes kimchi but I don’t have fridge space to try making napa kimchi yet. I made the kimchi along with a jar of tofu pickles as a gift the week that the film festival was due to start.

The night of the first film I was going to see, I was running late and rushing along with all the pickles in tow. I saw her standing outside and called to her. She already had her tickets and a reserved seat so she told me to catch her after the movie. I ran inside to get my tickets and one of the few seats left on the far right. This is funny because I usually sit on the left/center and she’s usually on the right, but I saw her come in and take her seat on the far left.

Movie was great, but once the credits started rolling I saw her get up and run out. I thought she was probably making a mad dash for the bathroom before the line built up so I kept watching the credits. Afterwards I left the theater room and checked the lobby. The bathroom. The exit. I couldn’t find her. I tried texting, calling, emailing. No go. I kept looking, then waited in the rain until everyone exited the building. She really left me, and without a word. I dragged all my pickles home and started stress eating them.

An hour after I got home I got an email. “Sorry, the trains are terrible and I got home super late the other night so I ran to catch it.” And she gave me her correct number, so I was calling/texting God knows who.

I didn’t even go to the following day’s movie because I was so pissed. I just said I didn’t feel well. That weekend I saw her briefly while I was on the bathroom line between films, Then she stepped outside while I grabbed an onigiri snack and once again I couldn’t find her. Left to go to work after the next film. Haven’t emailed her since.

Now I’m just stuck.

On the one hand, I think this incident is making me more cognizant of the upset I had been holding back. There were so many times I sat there trying to think of what to say in response to her emails to make a well-rounded conversation, to have something proper to contribute other than my own personal wails, and when I got a response it seems like almost all of those parts went unnoticed. In one of my last emails I suggested opening a cat café since she actively rescues cats from around the world and rehabilitates them. I don’t even know if she read that part. Even a “fuck that idea” would be better than nothing. So many things fell through the cracks in that vein and I just swallowed all that frustration.

On the other hand, I don’t want her to think I’m like that other girl who was only in it for the convention tickets. Given my gripes with NYCC, I’m not sure if I’ll ever need one ever again. But like, she decided from now on she’ll do better to take care of herself instead of giving all the time, and I respect that notion fully. I hope her personal relationships fall into that too because it’s been months and I’m still not sure what to say to her. Communication is best but I don’t wanna throw this on her when there’s so much on her plate. But then, what if I did and she glossed it over anyway? I dunno, fam.

Summer Magic Got Me Fucked Up too?!

Can’t believe these people are doing bullshit in the name of Red Velvet. To anyone from outside the Americas who lamented the rv-summer-magic website not shipping the special album and t-shirt bundles to your country: Don’t even cry anymore. Summer’s over and I’m still on my ass, empty-handed. Lemme give a simple breakdown for this one:

7/23: Album goes up for sale everywhere. I didn’t order right away because I wanted to see what the Limited Edition designs look like.

8/4: Album bundle goes up for sale through rv-summer-magic. North/South America exclusive bundles include the standard album and a t-shirt. Everyone in the Americas who already ordered is annoyed, everyone outside the Americas is sad.

8/6: The actual album drops.

8/10: Limited edition album + t-shirt bundle goes up for sale. Everyone who ordered from anywhere is rightfully pissed.

9/28: I reiterate that there’s no reason to be mad because I still don’t have my album. They sent me a tracking number, cancelled it hours later, then sent an email saying they didn’t have enough stock to fill all orders and I’d have to wait for 8/31. So yeah, how did you generate tracking numbers without having the goods packed and ready to ship? I emailed them on 9/12 and they said no ETA for the albums so keep waiting. Not gonna act like I don’t feel scammed at this point, and in the name of the five queens? Nuh uh.

This has gone on long enough so, ’til next episode… ugh.

Seven Prayers for Otakon 2018

In a few hours I’ll be departing for Washington, D.C. to attend my very first Otakon.

My first prayer is simple: that everything goes smooth.
I haven’t skipped town in an inordinately disturbing amount of time, so while I’ll try to prepare for any worst case scenarios, I hope to be free of theft, broken luggage, getting stranded, losing valuables, and any other ugly curveballs that could get thrown at me. I hope my energy keeps up since I’ve decided the only transportation I’ll be using is a taxi to and from my AirBNB.

My second prayer, which I’m surprised I’m making, is for people to be kind and understanding to Cheritz on their first voyage to the US. It dawned on me that people might try to put Cheritz team on the spot during the fan event because of the upsets related to the Summer Vacation event. I really want it to stay light and enjoyable. If they must broach such serious topics, I hope they do so respectfully.

My third prayer, is for my wallet, my bank account, and all my cards. Be strong and full…

My fourth prayer… is to see a hot Tamamo cosplayer. I’m a total ho for Tamamo, what else can I say?

My fifth prayer is for no post-convention illness. It’s hot enough, I can’t handle a fever on top of that.

My sixth prayer, is for everyone to be safe since The Whites are at it again, and for those useless Nazis to get hit by a bus. And if that statement bothers you, either you’re part of the problem or not paying attention.

My Seventh Prayer is that meeting the God Seven himself will go smooth.
This seems a bit out the way but as I mentioned elsewhere… the last time I met someone important to me… they hate me now and I still don’t know why. Story for another day.
Please, God Seven, remain a shining light in my tiny metal heart.


Month in Offbeat Review: January

Photo credit

Gonna try something a little different. If you know me from MFC you know my favorite habit is making “offbeat commentaries.” Let’s bring that back with this month in review.

1. Logan Paul

I’m only mentioning this because it fits in the monthly bracket – everything that had to be said has been said. Only thing I can think of that might be left is
a. If you’re supporting a guy who thinks making a “fun vlog” in a suicide forest is a good idea, re-evaluate.
b. I haven’t been following Logan at all, before or after this incident, and I’ll continue that trend. But “My name is not Jerome you stupid white motherf–” will be funny to me forever.

2. Aziz Ansari vs. whoever-the-fuck

The opinions on this were pretty dissenting and interesting but again, I rather not repeat what has already been said enough times. The (other) thing that bothered me about Grace’s story is this:

For Grace, the Golden Globes brought the events back to the forefront of her mind. “It was actually painful to watch him win and accept an award,” she said. “And absolutely cringeworthy that he was wearing the Time’s Up pin. I think that started a new fire, and it kind of made it more real.”
She told babe: “I believe that I was taken advantage of by Aziz. I was not listened to and ignored. It was by far the worst experience with a man I’ve ever had.”

…the fact that seeing him win an award on stage riled her up and that made her decide to out their situation. It made her whole hurt feel like it was turned into pettiness, to me. He made her feel extremely uncomfortable, forced. She told him and he accepted this and apologized. Uh, most women don’t even make it to that “open dialogue” part. Just saying, if there was a particular outcome or repentance she wanted she could literally have asked for it. If she felt like the world needed a warning he had plenty of other achievements along the way before winning an award (when his romance book made the bestseller list that might have been some interesting timing, just sayin’). He didn’t attack Grace or go on the defense, he didn’t threaten her being or her career. Last I checked no one reported a similar story about him. So what’s really good, Grace?

3. Erykah Badu and seeing the good in everyone

I actually wanted to write about this when the article dropped but again, I didn’t just want to puppet other responses so I waited it out. And… oh, nevermind. I was on a completely different page anyway. I think I get what she (meant to) say. However, I don’t know enough about Hitler outside of Nazism to use him as an example. So, Bill Cosby. Did he do good deeds in his life? Yes, undoubtedly. Did he do bad things, in his life? Yes, undoubtedly. Do the bad things outweigh the good? Most would undoubtedly say yes, as the combination of his sins and lack of admission or atonement has ousted him from the warmth of the circle. Do the bad things erase the good? No, they do not. There is no turning back time and painting the same history as a negative – or just nonexistent – because the present knowledge reveals the person to be bad. Is Ignition: Remix not a bop anymore because R. Kelly is a piece of shit? It still is, even if you delete it from your playlists and your hard drive and vow to never listen to it again. The reason why Hitler is a bad example is because he hit the scene being horrible – whatever good in him is already completely outshadowed by the present he created, to the point that, well, who would even know/get to hear about it? He could have been a brilliant artist and that achievement would, at best, be at the very bottom of the list below every other hideous thing he did and said.

With that said, is there anything wrong with seeing the good in someone bad? My take is no, unless you’re legitimately trying to mask that person’s crimes with what a good loving soul they are. Eh… is there need to elaborate on that with examples, or? And no, Erykah wasn’t trying to do that at all.

4. My hairdresser

Is wondering what the fuck happened to my edges. How am I supposed to explain a Red Velvet repackage album, a contender for R&B bop of the year, an emotional dragging appointment, and Cheritz blessing the whole MC fam like the based hackers they are? A moderate language barrier is at play.


I’m hard pressed to find anyone I know who watched it.

Good job, y’all.

Velvety Season’s Greetings

To everyone taking the time to read this in a timely fashion, Happy New Year. Actually, my entire piece on 2018 is here. For right here right now, I’m going to rewind the tape one year.

January 2017: I’m in Food Gallery 32 in Koreatown, warming up with a bowl of piping hot yukgaejang. The various eateries in KTown tend to have big screens that play Kpop videos nonstop, but the sound system is on a completely different playlist. So, you can listen to the music or watch these silent videos. Fine.

So I’m enjoying the hell out of this spicy bowl of love, when I look up at the big screen, to see what video is on, and… these five cute girls are just killing each other


I stopped eating and just stared. Usually the song lyrics will have some English words that work as an indicator of the subject… but there’s no sound so these girls are pushing each other into empty pools and in front of moving cars for an unknown reason and I’m just there open-mouthed on some “Uh… what in the hell prompted this?” And then ITCHY AND SCRATCHY show up. ?!

At the end of the video the group name/song name flashed so I made a note to look it up when I got home (stupid FG32 has no wifi, but then again, they’d probably never get people to leave if they did).

I-it’s love…! I bought the albums on Google Play (though their media downloader dealy is a piece of shit).

(Keep in mind that prior to this I had no real interest in Kpop and even now am still a rookie to the genre. A lot of people had their gateway through SNSD’s Gee from what I remember, even my at-the-time boyfriend… but I HATED Gee. Sorry. SNSD is fine otherwise.)

April 2017: The fandom officially has a name. I am a Reveluv.

June 2017: Best girls have an official Twitter account.

September 2017: There’s a tweet about collaboration back-to-school goods with eMart and various SMTown groups. For RV the lineup is a neck pillow, sitting cushion, house shoes and coming later on, an umbrella. But uh. Getting things proxied from Korea is no easy task. How am I gonna get this cute RV swag? I decided to phone a friend and fellow Reveluv about finding a solution for this matter. And the result?

Introducing!! Sydney the Group Order Manager! She took on the task of hosting an order from eMart so I was able to put in for a cushion, umbrella, and house shoes. Looking at her other available GOs, I also put in for a Season’s Greetings, a photobook, a ballcap, and in November, the newest album Perfect Velvet.

December 2017: With the exception of the photobook, I got all my goods. Drumroll please…

Usually pillows and cushions are mailed in compression bags so I was surprised that the SM x eMart cushion was not… but it’s actually the right balance of soft and puffy so a compression bag might have been overkill. I thought it would be a cushion + pillowcase but it’s a cushion with a fluffy texture. Quite a pleasant surprise in the end, I haven’t sat on it but it’s perfect for hugging or using as a back cushion. Mostly hugging though.

The unpleasant surprise on the other hand was the house shoes/slippers… They were advertised as 26cm so I was super pleased. Usually women’s shoes from – well, I only have experience with Japan – only go up to 24cm and anything bigger is a hunt. I’m not sure if it’s the same in Korea or if they were just looking out for their taller fans or male fans or what… but whatever the case, these are lies. The moment I took them out of the shipping box I could SEE they were too small. I broke out the measuring tape: 25cm. Insides are 24cm, so they only juuust fit my feet with a tad of overlap from my heal. I was prepared to deal but then… the left foot became super uncomfortable and I realized the wedge-shaped padding on the inside had slipped from the heel to mid-foot. I tried to uh, manually fix it (read: holding by toe, vigorous shaking) to no avail… so I made an incision on the side of the instep to fix it hands-on. Inside, the foam wedge isn’t secured in place by anything. I slid it back in place but over time it sometimes slips forward again. I gave up and bought slippers from Uniqlo. Nowhere near as cute but I can’t keep stressin’ over slippers, fam.

As for the umbrella… they were never produced! And no one said a word about it.

I don’t usually collect CDs but RV is my one exception, so here’s Perfect Velvet. It came with TWO posters, but I asked for them to be folded thinking a) it’ll be cheaper and I need to conserve money and b) it’ll get my goods to me faster. Well, the former was correct, the latter didn’t happen for various reasons (including the sheer amount of album orders in the GO – I was #100 and it kept going). Maybe I’ll buy the unfolded version in the future, but for now I’ll enjoy the album and my Irene/Wendy photocard streak. You can read my two-cent review of the album here.

The ballcap is ace and actually really comfy. Also I felt like I needed a cap with something SFW on it… lol
(August 1st is when RV came to be)

Lastly, the Season’s Greetings (which is a fancy term for a calendar combined with other goods, whether fanmade or official) by IS9194, a fansite for Seulgi and Irene. The sum of goods is a desktop calendar, small poster, large poster, stickers, clear cards, and a paper standee.

The calendar is a winner since you have the option of standard calendar with mini photo or large photo with single-line dates at the bottom. Just saying, last time I had a calendar like this it DIDN’T have the line of days so it was pretty much “use the calendar or have a picture standee, choose one.” Calendars are recyclable but I’m certain I chucked that one.

I love the small poster. The large one… they’re cute, but I have limited wallspace so I have to really pick and choose with the big ones. Maybe I’ll sell it or give it to a friend.

The other goods. I really love Irene on that standee. My next goal is something with Wendy…
But for now, the calendar is already propped on my desk and in this stressful, bitterly cold season, it’s a nice pick-me-up to have.

I played myself: Cleansing Water

Gross and arguably infuriating fun fact: When I was in my teens I almost never washed my face properly, and yet I never had a bad acne breakout. At worst, I would get a single painful bump at a time, and my face is sort-of combination: instead of an oily T-zone, I just have an oily noise. A super oily nose that makes my oil absorbing papers clear like a bag once full of greasy hot fries, but I digress. A month or two I started having a breakout for the first time in my life, dark spots and all, and being spoiled by my good facial fortune all this time, I’m so upset! /spoiled

It seems my usual face wash isn’t cutting it anymore, so based on a mention in passing from a friend, I decided to try Innisfree. They’re gaining a lot of popularity and they’re inexpensive in comparison to some of these other brands so I figure why not. My second time in their shop (which is like an oasis on the north of Union Square) I was looking into two-step cleanse with salicylic acid to take care of these pesky bumps.

I told one of the kindly associates about my hunt for a two-step to take care of my bumps and she told me she was worried that the salicylic acid set might dry out my skin with daily use since my problem isn’t that bad. I don’t wear makeup, so she recommended this guy for step 1:

Innisfree Cleansing Water

I told her I’d think on it. I was definitely scoffing in my head though.


Cleansing water???

I thought I had cleansing water in my house… what was the brand name… H20? It even comes in different temperatures…


So what we got here… water salt and chemical? lolol

I was really going off in my head about the prospect of CLEANSING WATER. People really buy it? They only keep a few of each item on the shelf (which is a beautiful display, mind you, their whole store is laid like paradise) so I couldn’t really gauge if any of it sold or not.

I spoke to some other associates for their opinions, and in the end I walked out with a squeeze tube of salicylic acid mask, a new foam cleanser, and… that damn cleansing water.

The super nice guy ringing me up told me that he loves the water because it’s also a makeup remover as well, but I was too busy thinking “I really bought chemical salt water” for 2 and 2 to really click in my head.

Late that night. After finishing up Mob Psycho 100 I decided it’s time to clean my face before I reach the “too tired to do anything” point. So I grab the cotton pads, pump pump, wipe wipe wipe…


That cotton pad came off so filthy you would think I didn’t wash my face every day
That cotton pad came off so filthy you would think I sleep on an unmopped floor instead of a clean pillowcase
That cotton pad came off so filthy I had to get a separate pad for the other side of my face, the first one looked too full of gunk on BOTH SIDES

NEVER AGAIN WILL I DOUBT THE CLEANSING WATER. But you skincare-savvy kids are rolling your eyes at me, so wait for it…

Completing the murder

So I tend to shoot the shit with my younger sister about various outrageous shit we see.

“Damn… you ever heard of cleansing water?”

“…You mean like Micellar?”

“Micellar… isn’t that those face wipes…?”

So all this time I’ve only seen Micellar in WIPE FORM and didn’t know it comes bottled and is technically, yes, cleansing water. Alright, now we can hyuk it up.

But how is it?

I’m far too green to give product reviews but I will say:

  • Face is much cleaner just after two days of using it
  • Smells gentle and nice
  • and makes my skin feel soft too
  • other products seem to be working better since using it (it’s only been a week though, so no long term results to report yet)

Will buy salt chemical water again for sure.